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Did not ask me what Philippine told me.Did not ask why Fei Fei playing leaves in my hand. We try to avoid, but can not be avoided, that is Provides Cisco 352-001 Certification your life, there is no explanation. I want to be crooked I want to be honest, and I m far worse than you really.You laughed, under the candlelight is really bright eyes water. Female soldiers are laughing is definitely a laugh.We still giggle.Today, the Kobo high school Provides Best Cisco 352-001 Certification squadron at the brigade command post war preparedness can not take us to go. I also met a few buddies when I was abroad.This left to speak slowly these birds were still a mess in birdies in the peacekeeping force, mainly their top bosses, not kobold squadrons. I am not a chauvinist who 352-001 Certification is absolutely anti pacifist peace, that is, I feel bully at every turn. Our station is also in an area.We are jungle all around.This area is a camp area of the UN UNPF.The headquarters is also nearby. Heart sad uncomfortable.Really close to End of the World ah I do not know a small shadow, and I think if she knows it, in accordance with her personality is no opportunity but also to create opportunities to find me I firmly believe this But I can not do it I am whatever the outcome is a squad leader ah, you say I can do that Do not say anything else, that is, do not give brutal team brigade earn face ah I can not do this thing. Small shadow blink his eyes Go Go see your kennel I took her past looked at our tent, a soldier sleep inside, we came out. I did not tell her where I live, but it was too easy for the nurses in the Military General Hospital to find it. Because, I do not want to owe anything like this anymore.Really, I owe them too much. I can not but agree with Chen Pai, how can I refuse Chen Pai, changed your how do you refuse you can tell him in fact should not be a soldier or told him that the special forces is ADVDESIGN a boring Laishi child He is my brother, my life and death brother, his joy is my joy His pain is my pain His dream is my dream We are actually a man because we are comrades We are brothers We Help To Pass Cisco 352-001 Certification live and die together Forever can not be separated as the root of the root knot Knife also cut the fire to keep burning also bad. The chief of staff in urgent need I tell you ah He is my soldier, you are responsible for the accident Sentinel quickly straightened Chief I went to our squadron Go I really do not know that this grandson still has a bit of a person s taste, but my opinion of him has never changed. Later, brothers gradually groped out in the mud inside the method for physical fitness, it is not so uncomfortable, and then have developed to see a pig circle can not wait Cisco 352-001 Certification to CCDE 352-001 roll because the field live training is not pure mud roll of course, just an idea, Then again the fucking kobold high school team let us roll Cisco 352-001 Certification more than the sty was more disgusting I speak later. The meaning is that it is from two combat units of a country, one is stationed in the battalion headquarters unified dispatching and the other is stationed in peacekeeping Cisco 352-001 Certification mission area. The young man on the other side 352-001 of the mountain shaved a lot of hair that resembled a bald head.

And small shadow gun ah can Cisco 352-001 Certification not leave the body we were pulled to the kitchen by him. I did not look back I know, this look, I really can not walk.Really.Many years later, because of this novel, I once again referred to the Military General Hospital. I would like to say how bitter it is, Miao even has some teeth and squeezes both words Nonsense There is also a variety of CCDE 352-001 small basic subjects, so numerous I do not know how to mouth. When I was 18, I Free Download Real Cisco 352-001 Certification understood this truth, but I would not conclude this.In my special war career, in the ADVDESIGN end is a small shadow in support of me, nothing else. Who do not obey Do not know now that Kobe Tau brigade there is no kind of broken three rounds, and I do Most Accurate Cisco 352-001 Certification not know now the little brother with the cook is still not the same as the broken three rounds of applause. 352-001 Certification Secret, is the supreme pursuit of special operations.The briefing will be about CCDE 352-001 Certification the same, with the team vaguely looming outside and the quick knock on the door. But the leaders are watching us We have mistakenly position, not hurried to find it Cisco 352-001 Certification back Kobold squadron ordered us Keep moving Navy s security Cisco 352-001 Certification Buy Latest Cisco 352-001 Certification will come We left and continued to complete the task. I have been praised 352-001 more and more, it is a little bit of Welcome To Buy Cisco 352-001 Certification the meaning of the pacesetter. What is really authentic or good.Finnish buddies see the third brother on the point of tension, but again to see Third Brother laughing like grandchildren, we know nothing. How to impress your heart Some of Cisco 352-001 Certification the sensitive nerves in your memories are swayed by melodic emotions. This is a literary record.Can the eyes see As the disease was found too late, he gradually paralyzed from the lower limb paralyzed within a few years to paralysis, and finally the whole body paralyzed only two hands Cisco 352-001 Certification can be normal activities. Good brothers and comrades will not necessarily work together, ah, different personality styles are more likely to have different side effects or how I say how old, what the troops are doing Cadres department is the cadre department, think absolutely comprehensive.

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